Worship that Makes Community

October 11, 2012 - 7:30pm to October 13, 2012 - 2:30pm
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
147 NW 19th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209

Discover how liturgy, the center of our common life, can fully express how we connect with one another as human beings and experience God present with us in communion.

Through the intentional use of gesture, melody and spoken word, participants – lay and ordained are invited into a new and renewed experience of liturgy that unleashes our evolved, God-given capacity for seeing Christ in one another & discovering our freedom in the Spirit.

Familiar and innovative worship punctuates each day. Participants engage in honest and open dialogue and exercises using movement, song, and text, and learn new strategies and skills to build community through worship that frees personal creativity for leaders and participants.

Thursday - Building our Community

Friday - Basic Building Blocks

Learn how we as humans communicate - literally, how we share - through observing, imitating and creating together. Learn skills to develop community through nonverbal communication, awareness, vocal control and support, and developing the learner's powers of observation, improvisation, and creativity within liturgy.

Saturday - Practice in Context

Build upon and apply basic building blocks through practice and practical application in a variety of contexts, including preaching, presiding, leading prayer, and scripture reading.

Worship that Makes Community is developed by All Saints Company with generous support from the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon and individual collaborators from a variety of Christian traditions who value liturgy as the central source and expression of Christian community.


Lizzie Calogero - Actor, Theater Educator, and Performance Coach - San Francisco

Callista Isabelle - Pastor/Musician, Muhlenburg College - Allentown, PA

Terry Milner - Actor, Nonprofit Executive and Leadership Consultant - Portland, OR

Donald Schell - Pastor/Teacher - All Saints Company - San Francisco


Individual tuition - $100 per person

Groups of 4 or more - $75 per person (Contact All Saints Company to register groups.)



Accomodations are not incuded in the registration fee.